Project Consultancy

Our project consultancy is unique and new to the industry; in short, the company will act as client representative, creating honest and reliable communication between the supplier and the client (architect/designer or MC)

For Architects and Designers:

  • We can provide samples and technical information for all your stone requirements
  • We will make sure that your design is not compromised during manufacture or installation
  • We will provide honest and reliable information whenever you need
  • We can photograph the materials specified before and during manufacturing
  • We can help create beautiful book-matching options if applicable
  • We are also able to provide visuals and 3D sketches
  • We understand what design means and we will make the stone element of the project as seamless as possible

For Contractors:

  • We can liaise with the design team and discuss on your behalf that the actual slabs, tiles, blocks are to their satisfaction e.g. vein direction, colour variation, how closely the actual stone matches the samples provided by us or others etc.
  • We can provide you with estimated quotes with short turnaround
  • We regularly report back to you on progress and ensure it matches site schedule