Fossil coral sphere – SOLD


This eye-catching fossil coral sphere will look stunning on a bookshelf or on a sideboard as a stand-alone decorative item.

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The process of coral metamorphosing into agatized coral fossil takes about twenty million years, when the skeletons of coral are preserved and subsequently fossilised through hardened deposits left by silica-rich waters. This particular specimen is from Madagascar, where the world's best examples of fossilised coral are said to be found.
Fossil coral is used for healing eye, skin and stomach illnesses and is believed to enhance longevity. The yellowy-orangey hues of this piece will help energize and stimulate the body, whilst uplifting to the emotions.

Details & Dimensions

      • Dimensions (cm): Diameter approx. 9
      • Weight (kg): 0.9
      • Comes with a gold metal ring stand as shown in images
      • Origin: Madagascar
      • Care: Never use chemical cleaners or acidic products. Rinse with warm water and dry with a lint cloth

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