The Mod Tiger’s eye dining table – P.O.A.

This exquisite dining table has been crafted from semi-precious stone Tiger’s Eye.

Wow your guests with this incredible, unique, elegant and exquisite dining table. Tiger's eye has been meticulously cut into small pieces, then pieced together to create an intricate pattern. The table come in round, rectangular or square, and can be ordered with brass or walnut legs.

Tiger’s Eye is a variety of quartz studded with beautiful golden yellow streaks. The specimens used come from the highest quality deposits in South Africa, Burma, and Australia. This mineral’s power fosters harmony, balance, courage and self-confidence. Surrounding yourself with Tiger’s Eye helps keeps male and female energy balanced in the home; place it in the southern part of your home to heighten its effect and keep negative energy at bay.

Details & Dimensions

  • Materials: Tiger's eye, brass or walnut legs. Also comes in Malachite. Hawk eye not available currently.
  • Dimensions (cm): Diameter 200 H74 cm (round); L300 W180 H74 (rectangular) or L180 W180 H74 cm (square)
  • Care: Never use chemical cleaners or acidic products. Rinse with warm water and dry with a lint cloth

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