About us


Stone Design London is a London-based company that specialises in high-end residential projects.

We understand that in high-end design there are many products and materials which need to be harmonised and different specialists who need to be brought together. Stone Design London grew from this idea, aiming to create effective communication between those involved in the design and construction aspect of any project such as architects, interior designers and main contractors.

Stone plays an important role in any project yet it is just one element within a multitude of other design features, albeit an exquisite one. What we do:

  • supply, template, manufacture and install natural stone including marble, granite, travertine, onyx and limestone
  • provide project management services
  • we work with a number of leading interior designers and architects in London and its environs
  • we can help you with a range of projects including stone work for your bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, yacht, aviation or any other area where natural stone is required
  • well-known in the industry for its knowledge, expertise, craftsmanship and excellence in the high-end residential sector

Our Managing Director, Omer Karadas, has worked in the stone industry for over a decade, gaining extensive knowledge in several different areas including supplying, manufacturing, installation and project management both in the UK and overseas.

Please talk to us as soon as you have decided to use natural stone in your project, we can assist you source samples, give you technical information and much more.